Signposting links

Signposting links

After here are the really useful information sources that we have used for our patients in our community. If you have any more suggestions let us know.

APP for young parents:


High Blood Pressure (Hypertension):


Anxiety, depression, low mood:

Feeling angry:

Asthma/COPD/sleep apnea/anxiety/depression/fitness - BREATHING RETRAINING PROGRAMME:

Asthma/COPD inhalers:

Asthma - personal action plan - children:

Inhaler techniques can be found here:


Cluster headaches:

Chronic pain:

Muscle and joint pain:

Planning a pregnancy:

Medicines during pregnancy:


Skin conditions:

Stop Smoking support:

Suicide prevention:

Travel health advice:


Sun awareness:

For any other condition:

Community Services in Devon:

Weight balance:

The NHS Tips to help you lose weight:

Yellow Card: